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Your budgeting process made simple

25 Nov 2021

PARTNER FEATURE: The last quarter of the year is always a hectic time in motor retailing. Not only are there year-end targets to hit, but there’s also a mass of back-office work to do preparing year-end accounts and budget reporting.

The increasing role for risk-based pricing

29 Oct 2021

PARTNER FEATURE: There is a level of maturity being established in the post-lockdown ‘new normal’. Initial consumer confidence has waned in the face of rising prices, notably utilities. Arguably, motivated by these increases and directed by growing confidence in online banking/finance, consumers are shopping around for their finance needs increasingly. Current used car financing trends […]

The lost leads that can be brought back through the door

29 Oct 2021

PARTNER FEATURE: With showrooms closed by repeated lockdowns, customers on the hunt for a new or used vehicle had no choice but to use digital channels to explore potential purchases. The change in behaviour that was brought about by necessity has now become deeply ingrained, and many retail outlets report that ever-greater numbers of customers […]


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