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Is your outsourced live chat delivering what customers need?

25 Nov 2021

The used car sector has enjoyed the most buoyant time in terms of sales volumes during 2021. Whilst there is little sign of this demand diminishing in the short term, there is little doubt that as new cars become more available, the used car market will become more competitive. During the hiatus of 2021, the […]

Could inflated screen prices cause a natural correction in used car sales volumes?

29 Oct 2021

“When others are buying be fearful and when others fearful, buy” is advice and a strategy attributed to the billionaire American investor Warren Buffet. This may be advice that the used car sector will want to bear in mind in the coming months. The September CAP report states that used car prices have risen consistently […]

Why you need to update your used car warranty offering

22 Sep 2021

SMMT new car figures show August sales down 23% year-on-year, in what is typically one of the quietest months of the year. This, coupled with the much-publicised lack of quality used cars, has pushed most motor retailers to broaden the age and mileage profile of their retail stock. It is imperative therefore, that warranties keep […]


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