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Porsche chooses to update Macan again as it lays out EV timings

Porsche goes for another update for the Macan rather than replacing it with an all-EV model planned for 2023

Porsche has chosen to facelift the Macan SUV for a second time instead of replacing it with an all-new model. The Macan was first launched in 2014 and is due to remain on sale until 2024.

However, an all-new Macan is due to go on sale in 2023, but this version will be a pure electric model. “The current Macan will continue to be sold alongside it for a while, to give customers choice during the transition,” explained a spokesperson.

The transition should be seamless. In 2020, the pure electric Taycan GT car became the second best-selling Porsche in the UK; so far this year, it is the best-seller overall. Plug-in hybrids are doing well too: most Cayenne and Panamera sales are electrified, with owners reporting the 30-50-mile EV range seeing them rarely use the combustion engines.

And the famous 911? Porsche has already stated the firm’s last internal combustion engine to go will be the 911. “But it can be hybridised in the meantime…”