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KPI of the month- retail sales per salesperson

To set a benchmark, identify the total of the number of retail units sold by the sales team in the last three months, excluding all trade units (inter-dealer, direct to trade or auction), then divide by the number of salespeople and managers. Multiply by four to get an annualised average figure.

For the typical volume dealership, it will probably be around the 150 mark, or 125 in the prestige sector.

Set individual targets for each sales executive. Their total retail units can be measured based on invoiced sales from the DMS, business management logs or their individual sales diary.

If it’s a small dealership and the dealer principal is also responsible for unit sales, his or her time should be accounted for as well – eg, if they spend 30% of their time selling they should be counted as 0.3 sales staff.

Understanding KPIs

Number of new and used units sold
——————————————- = retail sales per salesperson
Number of salespeople